"Nas is a great instructor, and was very patient. He made me feel confident behind the wheel. Whenever I made mistakes, he would explain what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. At times I had difficulty in getting some things right, but he knew exactly how to deal with me by taking a short break and boosting my confidence with an encouraging talk. I have failed the VORT twice before, so I decided to take CBT lessons with Nas. I have learned a lot, the lessons are of high quality, detailed and very useful and relevant to everyday driving situations. After completing my final drive I was "luckily" selected for a re-test with a government examiner. This was no worries, as I had been taught well! It was raining heavily on my test day but I am not surprised that I passed due to my instruction from Nas. I will recommend Nas to anyone who is looking for CBT lessons, they will definitely get their money's worth!"

- Dwight from Camden Park (8th January, 2018)


"I recently finished and passed by CBT test with Nas after a long, long journey to get my licence! Nas was incredibly kind, gentle and patient every step of the way, which was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence. He sought to not only teach me what was necessary to pass, but also how to be as safe, relaxed and skilled at driving as I could be. I developed a great friendship and rapport with him because of his friendly and positive personality, and I will miss seeing him on a weekly basis now that our lessons have finished! He was a phenomenal driving instructor who I would recommend to absolutely anyone. Thank you so much Nas!"

- Alissa from Glenelg (7th December, 2017)


"I would just like to say that the learning experience I had with my instructor Nas was great. I came from China and have had my Chinese licence for about 8 years now, but driving in Australia is still new to me, but thanks to Nas I finished the CBT within about 3 months. The learning process was great and Nas helped me to correct my bad driving habits and help me become familiar with all the Australian road rules. Thank you so much!"

"我觉得教练挺好的,教的很仔细。我自己有国内的驾照差不多8年了,但是在澳洲开车还是有很多不懂的交规的地方,比如那个 roundabout, 从来没有搞清楚过直到上了CBT的课程。 CBT 我自己上了三个月, 我觉得上课时间的长短完全取决你自己的时间和学习进度。 一周最好有两节课这样, 不然间隔时间长了容易忘记。然后再花时间练习回忆上一节课的,这样太没有效率了。教练很耐心,上课的时间他也可以按照你的需求调整。值得推荐。"

- Xiwei (16th October, 2017)


"I am a former student of A1 Alphastar Driving School. I am very happy with the outcome of my lessons, thanks to my instructor Nas! Having my provisional licence is very exciting and thanks to Nas I feel safe whenever I am driving now. I would honestly recommend him to anyone as a driving instructor because of his positive attitude and professionalism. Thanks Nas!"

- Valerie (25th September, 2017)


"Many thanks to A1 Alphastar Driving School, and especially to my instructor, Nas. I passed the test because of the skills that he taught me, and I just got my driver's licence yesterday. At the personal level, I had many bad driving habits which Nas helped me correct, and I learnt many new good habits. I would definitely recommend A1 Alphastar Driving School to anyone who needs a South Australian licence."

- Mansour of Sturt (30th July, 2017)


"I passed the driving test today with Nas and I just want to say that he is such a professional and trusting person. He supported me all the way and kept on assuring me that everything would be fine. I was so stressed and couldn't believe that I could make it, but thanks to Nas and his professional attitude I did it. I would truly recommend him to all my friends and anyone else who needs a great driving instructor. Thank you Nas!"

- Abir El-Dik (10th June, 2017)


"I am really thankful that I finally got my licence through A1 Alphastar Driving School. I was a learner when my husband and I moved to Adelaide from Sydney last year. I did a few driving lessons in NSW but I wasn’t feeling very confident to take the driving test. A few months after having our first child, I took some driving lessons again and confidently took the VORT test – sadly, I failed not once but twice. I completely lost all my confidence and I thought maybe driving isn’t for me. I had already had two instructors from two different driving schools. However, because I have a child I needed to keep trying.

I undertook the CBT course with Nas as my instructor, and he very quickly helped me to get my confidence back on track. Nas was very professional, patient & kind as an instructor. We worked really hard to complete all the tasks in the book. It was a fun learning experience, and most of the time I wasn’t feeling pressured at all. We relearnt the basics step by step, which helped me to prepare for the big day - the actual driving test. During the training, I told him whenever I was feeling anxious, and he helped me to overcome the fear. It was a blessing to find an instructor who understood my situation too – he let me bring my 1-year-old son in the car during the lessons, so I didn’t have to find someone to look after him.

Now, I got my licence, my 1-year-old son & I can drive around without depending on my husband to pick us up or drive us around during his lunch break at work. We can go to church, to the shops, to his playgroup and doctor appointments without worrying that we might miss the tram or he might cry on the tram.  Every journey on the road is another actual driving lesson for me and I really want to thank my instructor Nas for the skills that he passed on to me. Having a great foundation makes driving safer and more enjoyable.

I have started recommending A1 Alphastar Driving School to my friends; and I’d like to recommend Nas as a really helpful driving instructor. Thank you Nas!"

- Marie of Millswood (24th May, 2017)


"I am very happy and proud that I completed the training and passed the CBT driving test with my instructor Nas. I started with a little experience with the principles of driving but now I've really got a lot of experience in the assets of driving. This is a good opportunity to extend an invitation to those who wish to attend A1 Alphastar Driving School with Nas, and I'm sure they will find a professional and polite instructor and also gain experience and learn to drive properly."

- Aseel of Eastwood (29th March, 2017)


"I would like to thank my driving instructor, Nas, and all the members of A1 Alphastar Driving School, through which I got a full South Australian licence recently. It is a great achievement for me. I am especially thankful to Nas, who taught me good driving skills and helped me to build up my confidence in driving, which is very important. To get a good driving school and good driving instructor is beyond the money. It makes a big difference in our life."

- Rajendra of Seacombe Gardens (8th January, 2017)


"I am very grateful to my excellent instructor at A1 Alphastar, Nas, who didn't give me any pressure and helped me until I had finished my CBT comfortably and smoothly. He taught me to be a good driver with extra skills. He has been there consistently to support me in transferring my licence, helping me to progress quickly and obtaining a new South Australian licence, so therefore I am very pleased. I would highly recommend A1 Alphastar for any Learner driver, especially those who have an international licence and want to get a South Australian one. As one of the other students said, he is very patient,polite and professional!"

- Omar of Adelaide CBD (3rd June, 2016)


"I have read the other testimonials, and I agree with them, in particular on Nas' personal quality of patience. Nas taught my wife who is not only new to driving, but new to Australia and new to English as well. My wife recently obtained her 'P' licence after doing a CBT assessment course with Nas, and it goes without saying, she is very happy. Nas not only gets a triple-A rating, but also a triple-P (patient, polite, professional)."

- Sid of Edwardstown (17th March, 2016)


"I would like to sincerely thank Nas (my instructor) for being so patient and committed with his training. I didn't have much time to practice before the exam, and I was working a lot, making my situation difficult. He concentrates his effort and has a simple and efficient methodology, being very honest in terms of expectations and results. We trained very hard, many times under stressed conditions (thanks a lot for being so patient!) and the outcome was that I passed at the first attempt!! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to do it without his help!"

- Raoni of Glenelg (15th March, 2016)


"I would like to thank my driving instructor Nas for helping me to get my P plates. I had a CBT test on the 29th of Feb, and passed with 94% with a government assessor in the car assessing me as well as Nas. Nas is a good driving instructor and teaches you the right technique to make you a safe driver and my pass of 94% with a government assessor proves that. Many thanks to Nas."

- Jacob of Seacombe Gardens (29th February, 2016)


"I had an international licence and had been driving in SA for more than two years. With the change of my visa, I had to obtain an SA licence. Nas at A1 Alphastar helped me with the finer points of driving and I am now a much better and a more confident driver. To me, it helped to know where I was going wrong and trivial things that I thought as such. Driving has become much more enjoyable now! It's good to know the whys and whereofs of the fine art of driving! A heartfelt thanks to Nas for all the help!"

- Surangi of Park Holme (7th September, 2015)


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my driving instructor Nas for his patience, commitment to his work and for doing his best to help me learn to drive. The aim of the instructor is to look after the safety of students and others on the road. The instructor gave me the confidence to be able to drive on my own in the future. He has helped me a lot in learning, and explained a lot to me. When I first decided to learn to drive, I tried other driving schools, but thought they didn't teach me much. The funny thing is, some of them kept saying to me that I should take more lessons before they get to teach me, but I felt sad as I didn't have anyone to help me to learn, and no friends to give me lessons. When I contacted A1 AlphaStar Driving School, I was thrilled that the instructor accepted to teach me from zero. I did not have the confidence to be in the driver's seat, but now I understand more and am able to drive with no interference from the instructor. I appreciate the time and effort dedicated by the instructor to his students. Thanks Nas, I really do recommend you to anyone and for all parents that are concerned about their children's safety!

- Shadia of Adelaide CBD (15th July, 2015)


"It feels like I’m on top of the world after getting my licence. No more ringing friends to drive me around, no more waiting for a bus or a tram. I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. Thanks to the staff at A1 Alphastar Driving School, and a very special thanks to my instructor, Nas, for all his patience and hard work. I have been driving with other driving schools but never had the confidence in my driving. The other instructors were never clear enough in their instructions or comments. It took a long time for me to find the right driving school and a perfect instructor who understands the needs of his students, and moreover picks up the mistakes accurately. Nas is so competent, skilled and hard working. He gives his students enough room to make mistakes and enough time to rectify them. I don’t remember a time when Nas was rushing me with my driving or trying to skip any tasks. I will never forget his words to me, which were “It’s better to be late by 2 seconds than to be sorry”. Folks, he is the ULTIMATE driving instructor, the best you will find in Adelaide. If you are nervous, and feel like getting a licence could be a nightmare, then great help is just one phone call away – ring Nas!"

- Karan of Plympton (22nd March, 2015)


"I have always found learning to drive enjoyable with A1 Alphastar Driving School. In every lesson, you can feel the progression that you're making towards achieving your goal of becoming a great driver, with the support of a professional trainer. Thanks Nas. I really appreciate all your hard work that went into my lessons and would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive."

- Chy of Edwardstown (6th December, 2014)


"I passed the VORT! I have been wanting to say this for months now. I have heard a lot of horror stories about the much dreaded VORT exam, but I made it - and on my first take! This was all because I had an instructor who was not only competent and skilled but also had a good heart, very patient and very understanding of his student's needs. I had an overseas licence and had been driving for many years now. I had set ways that were just too hard to bend. But Nas, my instructor, was able to tailor fit the lessons in to my requirements and strenghten my weaknesses on the road. I have my full SA licence now - and can't stop smiling!"

- Anna of Camden Park (23rd April, 2014)


"Driving is a life-long skill and A1 Alphastar Driving School is equipped with the professionals who guided me through to the end. Nas is an excellent instructor who didn't give me any pressure and helped me until I had finished my CBT comfortably and smoothly. I am very thankful for his patience and guidance. Being more than an instructor, he was more like a friend to me. Thank you!!"

- Cassandra of Somerton Park (21st February, 2014)


"Having been driving for about 3 years in Australia, I was looking for a driving school to do the test for the overseas licence conversion. The feedback on the A1 Alphastar website looked convincing, so I decided to try one lesson and wasn't disappointed. Within about a week I had already obtained my SA licence. In the few lessons I took, Nas (my instructor) helped me to focus on the weak parts of my driving, so the exam was a piece of cake. So, if you're looking for a driving school to get some training for the overseas licence conversion, this is the one I definitely recommend!"

- Roman of Glenelg South (25th January, 2014)


"A1 Alphastar Driving School for me was the first choice because they teach you all the road rules and laws while you drive, and help you to become a safe driver with confidence behind the wheel. This helped me pass the VORT test because of what I learnt, while also having some fun. I would like to thank A1 Alphastar for training me for the road ahead."

- Ben of Edwardstown (11th October, 2013)


"A1 Alphastar Driving School was an amazing choice from the start. The instructors really teach you and are very easy to talk to. My instructor helped me to build the confidence I needed to be a safe driver. Only after a couple of lessons, I had learned all that was needed for the VORT test and I passed on my first go with flying colours. It would not have been possible without the clear teaching of my instructor. I never thought learning to drive would be this fun! I would gladly recommend A1 Alphastar to those that wish to obtain their driver's licence."

- Ivan of Plympton (28th July, 2013)


"Thanks goes to A1 Alphastar Driving School and to my instructor, Nas. He taught me how to drive from the beginning and helped give me confidence while driving. He prepared me for the VORT test and also for the government test, and finally I passed all. I got my full licence because of my him. Thanks!"

- Gigi (18th May, 2013)


"I just wanted to say thanks to A1 Alphastar Driving School, for improving my abilities as a driver and supporting me with my licence. My instructor was rich with information on Australian road laws, and had comprehensive knowledge in training Learner drivers. He is a true teacher, believe me!"

- Alan of Glenelg (23rd September, 2012)


"Selecting A1 Alphastar as my driving school was one of the best decisions I've made in life. My instructor, Nas, taught me how to drive from the beginning, ensuring that I was learning the best and safest way to drive. At the same time, he made every lesson informative and enjoyable. He prepared me for the VORT test, and made sure that I was ready and confident by doing a couple of practice tests. This helped me pass the test on my first attempt. I would like to sincerely thank Nas and A1 Alphastar for all of the above. Life is much easer now! :)"

- Charmaine of Edwardstown (15th March, 2012)


"I must admit that after 10+ years of driving overseas and 3 years in South Australia, I thought that I knew everything about driving and would not need any lessons. When I called to arrange for a lesson, I was prepared for only one lesson. Through your patience, elegance, well thought out teaching strategies, phenomenal interpersonal skills and passion to produce high quality drivers, I am proud to say that I am now a better driver. Passing the VORT at the first attempt capped a splendid time with A1 Alphastar driving school. Hope for all the best in your quest to produce high quality drivers."

- Stephen of Ascot Park (29th February, 2012)


"A1 Alphastar was very helpful in preparing me for the VORT test. My instructor explained everything precisely, singling out the smallest mistakes I was making in a friendly manner. The mock exams I did with him reassured me when I was ready for the actual one. I went to the test with confidence that there would be no surprises. This excellent preparation saved me both money and time as I passed the test on my first attempt."

- Kasia of Westbourne Park (18th December, 2011)


"After moving to Australia from overseas, converting my many years of driving experience to a full Australian driver’s licence was important and simply a necessity. I have gone through the entire process to change over my licence, including passing the final VORT test, thanks to my driving instructor. I was also chosen from the government to do the re-assessment test. My instructor, Nas, from A1 Alphastar Driving School, has been there consistently to support and encourage me in transferring my licence, helping me to progress quickly and obtain my new Australian licence."

- Debbie of Sturt (6th November, 2011)


"A1 Alphastar Driving School were really useful in helping me to obtain my driver's licence, as it gave me the skills I needed to become a safe and competent driver. With the help of a few weeks of lessons, I was able to pass the VORT test on my first attempt. I found my instructor to be very helpful and approachable, and found that I could easily take the lessons while also studying, as he was very flexible in finding time for me. I would definitely recommend A1 Alphastar Driving School to any Learner driver, as my instructor explained everything in detail and encouraged me to drive confidently."

- Brodie of Glenelg (11th June, 2011)

"My driving instructor (Nas) at A1 Alphastar was very handy and easy to contact, and worked well with me to help me obtain my licence. I found that what I was taught and the way I was taught was very useful and effective, and I would recommend A1 Alphastar to anyone who needs help acquiring their car licence."

- David of Semaphore (18th May, 2011)


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